Glass Rinser Cup Washer


Introducing the Glass Washer Set (Model: JA-2-0): Crafted from ABS, stainless steel, and copper, this set offers versatile glass cleaning options. The model is JA-2-0 and includes different configurations:

  • "Black-Black set": Includes blade glass washer, black ABS base, US Standard 9/16, and 80cm hose.
  • "Black-Black set1": Includes blade glass washer, black ABS base, European Standard 3/8, and 80cm hose.

The cup washer measures 11 x 11 x 7 cm, while the base is 14.5 x 13 x 5 cm. The copper head hose is 80 cm in length. Product weights are 170g (cup washer), 110g (base), and 170g (copper head hose). The set is conveniently packed in a kraft paper box. This set is perfect for efficient and effective glass cleaning applications.



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