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The relief you deserve

If you spend a lot of time in front of screens or suffer from tension headaches, the Calm Eyes Relaxing Eye Mask is the right choice to relieve eye strain and fatigue. With no wires or other accessories, this mask is easy to use and rechargeable, providing the relief you deserve, wherever and whenever you need it.

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Comfort and relaxation for your eyes

The Calm Eyes Relaxing Eye Mask is the perfect solution for tired and stressed eyes. With its heated and vibrating technology, this mask provides a feeling of comfort and relaxation, leaving your eyes revitalized and rested.

The Calm Eyes Mask is different...

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Wireless and rechargeable

You don't have to worry about wires or batteries. This mask is wireless and rechargeable, which means you can take it and use it wherever you want, without worrying about wires or adapters.

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Heating and vibrations

The heating and vibration technology of the Calm Eyes Relaxing Eye Mask is what makes it so effective in providing comfort and relaxation. The gentle heating and light vibrations help to relieve eye strain and fatigue, while helping to promote deeper and more restorative sleep.

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Easy to use

No complicated accessories or setup required. Simply place the mask over your eyes and adjust the level of heating and vibration to your preferences. In a few minutes, you'll be relaxed and ready to enjoy a restorative sleep.

Satisfied customers all over the world

The Calm Eyes Relaxing Eye Mask is a wonder! I have frequent tension headaches and since I started using this mask, they have significantly decreased. I love the heating and vibrations, and I think it helps promote deeper sleep too.

Lauren W.


The Calm Eyes Relaxing Eye Mask is amazing! I work in front of a computer all day and my eyes get tired and stressed. Since I started using this mask, my vision has become clearer and my headaches have decreased a lot. The only negative point is that it took a while to arrive.

Wilson J.


I love the Calm Eyes Relaxing Eye Mask! It's so comfortable and relaxing, and it helps a lot to relieve eye tension. I think it also helps promote more restorative sleep.

Leah R.


Frequent Questions

The battery of the Calm Eyes Relaxing Eye Mask lasts about 3 hours when fully charged.

Yes, the Calm Eyes Relaxing Eye Mask has been designed to be safe to use. It has a gentle heating system and light vibrations that should not cause discomfort or damage to the eyes.

The Calm Eyes Relaxing Eye Mask is designed to be used while relaxing and resting, but it is not recommended to use it while sleeping. It has gentle heating and vibrations which may be uncomfortable while trying to sleep.


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30 days money back guarantee.

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